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So, for your ultimate taste of summer you’ve picked the perfect destination and the perfect boat, what is there left to do? Ah, yes! Let’s talk about the food… Here at Nomad Yachting we know how imperative it is to be able to enjoy good food on board. Not just any good food but appetising, delicious, mouth-watering, flavourful food. 

We can assure you that your every preference will be catered for. On our daily charters, a sumptuous platter will accompany you on your trip as well as ice cold soft drinks and a chilled, crisp and fragrant bottle of Rose wine.  Our chefs will lovingly pre prepare a selection of cheese, cold cuts and a fruit platter for you.  

On our crewed charters, our professionally trained chefs will be fully prepared for your arrival and eager to tempt your palette throughout your trip with delicious treats! Greek or Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or International, Surf & Turf, whatever your inclination, delectable, culinary delights await you! 

We cater for all your dietary requirements and before your arrival we make sure we have you covered with any food intolerances, allergies, meal preferences or partialities to a specific cuisine. And if you are celebrating a particular event on board, we will take every effort to make it special for you.

Here in Greece, we have a passion for food, and we cook and eat with love and we savour every flavour in every mouthful.  Our ingredients are fresh and of high quality or otherwise we simply won’t cook it, serve it or eat it!  Whether you will be enjoying a cookout on the beach or grilling the catch of the day on the BBQ on board, the dressing has to be prepared with zesty lemons and the most aromatic of herbs… The meats have to be succulent and robust… The salads have to be fresh and delicately seasoned yet bursting with flavour… The risotto soft and creamy, the pasticcio evocative and comforting… The fruit firm and juicy. 

As for desserts, if you prefer sweet and syrupy or sharp and tangy, chef will no doubt leave you wanting for just another spoonful! And to complement every intoxicating meal, you will be served with a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Fruity cocktails, crisp and citrusy white wine or a full bodied, rich and heady red. The choice is yours.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard one of our charters soon.